Spring and Fall Cleanup

Cleanup branches, leaves and other debris from lawn and flower beds that have accumulated during fall and winter.

Gravel Cleanup

Remove gravel along driveways and ditches from snow plowing. Gravel is pushed back on to driveway then raked to even out gravel.


Freshen up your beds with new mulch, helps plants from drying out. We offer three colors: Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Red. We also offer mulch in bulk for local delivery or personal pick-up.

Fertilizing Lawn

Granular application with weed and feed. We recommend two applications per year, spring and fall.

Monthly Maintenance

Cleanup debris from yard and beds, leaves, branches, etc. Spray beds for weeds.

Gutter Cleaning

Remove leaves from gutters in the fall after most of the leaves are down. Some people also need this service in the spring depending upon your surroundings.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Trim small trees and/or shrubs as needed, per request. We also remove small trees and shrubs..

Yard Rolling

Smoothes out uneven surfaces after winter heave or heavy traffic.


Removes a small core of thatch while reducing compaction.


Removes old and dead material from lawn.

Drainage and Erosion Solutions

We can resolve most erosion and drainage issues you may have. Please call for more information.

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn is mowed at the frequency you prefer: Weekly, every other, or as needed. The grass typically needs more frequent mowings in early spring/summer due to weather conditions such as steady rainfall vs. the summer months when we get less rain and the grass does not grow as fast. Includes trimming around beds, trees, etc. and blowing grass clippings off walkways and driveways.