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Earth Moving

Exquisite-Scapes Inc. offers earth moving solutions in the Stephenson, Jo Daviess, Dubuque, Clinton and Jackson County areas. We offer estimates to discuss your earth moving project.

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Water Flow & Soil Erosion Earth Moving

This can involve cleaning out ditches, reshaping driveways and road edges for better water flow, making flow lines so water can flow unrestricted.

In order to improve the flow of water, we build up areas and fill in trenches created by water erosion.

Properties should be designed not to flood, but many need help when it comes to the heavy rains we experience here. Property grading is critically important for that water flow. Property that is newly constructed or going through renovations has to be graded for a couple of reasons – so that landscaping can be done and water can flow away from the structure.

We get a lot of inquiries because water is washing out driveways and roads. Whenever we look at a property here in the Elizabeth, Illinois area, water flow is our first consideration.

Earth Moving Site-Work in Elizabeth Illinois

A crew that is experienced, skilled, and detail-oriented is crucial for construction in the excavation phase, since large structures are involved and this is the foundation for the entire project. We use advanced techniques, tools and machinery to make sure that the job is done right. It is important to hire the right company with the right knowledge to complete an excavation project as this will produce the best results.

Land Clearing
Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, bushes, rocks and any obstacles from the area in order to be able to make use of the land for development. Many times, this is combined with the excavation process in order to get the land ready for its specific needs. Exquisite-Scapes Inc. has a professional crew that is experienced in clearing land and will leave the land clear and ready for your project to be started.

Building and Reshaping Driveways
Whether you are wanting a new driveway put in, or looking to fix the wash-out in your current driveway, Exquisite-Scapes Inc. is the expert at doing the job right. When we build or repair a driveway, we take into account the drainage system to help prevent future wash-outs from occurring.  

Earth Work is the process of shaping, moving, removing, processing, or bring in soil to prepare the building site for construction. This can also include road construction, rail beds, causeways, etc. Earth work can also be land grading to reconfigure the structure of the site or to stabilize slopes. We are experienced in earthwork for all forms of building projects and will expertly reconfigure and stabilize the topography of the site to specifications.

Storm Drainage
It is important to have proper storm drainage in the areas where we frequently have flooding and heavy rains. The process of developing drainage systems requires a collaborative effort amongst project owners, design engineers, and storm drain contractors. Exquisite-Scapes Inc. has the crew and knowledge to produce a valuable product that diverts excess rain and groundwater to catch basins and municipal systems.

Soil Stabilization
Soil stabilization alters building site soil to improve durability and strength, enhancing their physical properties. This can increase the shear strength of the soil and/or control the shrinking-swell properties of soil thus improving the load-bearing capacity of the sub-grade to support pavement and foundations. We use several techniques to stabilize soil including compaction, dewatering, adding cement stabilization, lime stabilization, and chemical injection

Erosion Control
During the construction process, we prevent wind and water erosion on the building site and adjacent areas to prevent water pollution, habitat damage or loss and soil loss. We use a variety of methods at every phase of the project to mitigate or eliminate sediment runoff and erosion.

Our Earth Moving Services Include: